I have to share this post because I was actually considering taking a photo of myself injecting to illustrate the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Careful’, but I didn’t want to subject you all to the sight of my stomach. So imagine me with floppy ears having an injection and you’re there. I hope I’m slimmer in your imagination.

This post inspired me to write about my beloved Border Collie Jessie, who I lost to Diabetes in 2001. I saw this photo and reblogged it, however as the purpose of this site is for me to express my emotions, record my memories and work through things that have stayed with me for years, so this has turned into a full post.

This is a sensitive subject for me as I have type 1 diabetes.

Perfection: Is there such a thing when giving a diabetic dog her insulin?

strength. love. life.

Perfection. That is what my husband and I shout out to each other when we give our dog her insulin shot after finding the perfect tent and injecting the insulin without her yelping. But is there ever really such a thing? It’s been about 4 years since our Sunny was diagnosed as a diabetic and sometimes I feel like I can’t catch a break. I mean, sometimes giving her the injection can be stressful.

Four years ago, when we were in with the vet tech to learn how to give the shot, the focus was on “the tent”. A tent that seemed to appear effortlessly at the scruff of Sunny’s neck when the tech pulled it up to inject her with the test shots. And every single time the tech gave the injection, Sunny didn’t even flinch. When my husband and I tried, same thing. It seemed like giving Sunny an…

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