Let’s have some fun

I’ve been quite serious lately, and that’s not usually how I relate to people as I can be extremely silly at times, and I hope I find the humour in every situation for the rest of my life. In that spirit, I’d like to share a few stories with you (I heard the collective groan there!).

I was travelling along with my parents in our car, on what can only be described as a large road along a straight stretch in the middle of Queensland. A dusty plane lay before us, with nothing to draw the eye except the sour green of the cactus pears, when we caught site of a house. The silence stretched out but no-one had anything to say. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until we spotted a sign in front of the property, on which was written;

Hot Chips and Budgies $8

bertie-1481321 (1)

My father suddenly exclaimed ‘Wow, what a deal!’


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