Change of Scene

I was quite happy and content until a promise of my own banner was dangled in front of me by Blogging 101. Day five asks you to consider (and that’s what I try to do) looking at another theme, even if you are happy with the one you currently have, and obviously that thought has been sitting in the back of my mind, niggling away until I payed it attention. I was happy with my theme, but then I saw what the header looked like in that theme, and decided I’d need something that showed it off a bit more. To that end, I’ve compiled an extensive and completely irrelevant poll (you can blame that on Blogging 101 also) just because I can. I suspect I’m going to do a lot of polls in the future, but of course you don’t have to do them. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Change of Scene

    1. I thought it was, but you’ve very kindly notified me that everyone else sees it that way too. I honestly was beginning to think it was just me! I’ve tried to resolve it, but to no avail so I’ve posted on Forums about it and have crossed my fingers in the hope someone knows. Thank you so very much for telling me.


            1. There’s a brilliant online program called PicMonkey… I found it through Blogging 101. I have your email so do you mind if I send it to you?


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