I’m Changing My Facebook Photo to the Flag of Syria


Ok, I admit it, now I’m really annoyed. So many people are changing their Facebook profile pictures to the flag of France, after the attacks on Paris and it’s starting to get to me. Where have they been? Do they think the Death Cult dropped out of the sky? What do they think has been happening in Syria and the surrounding countries for the last 20 odd years? These cults have systematically tried to destroy their own people, commit acts of violence, torture, and rape and you can’t tell me people didn’t know that these extremists didn’t exist? Millions, yes that’s millions have died as a result of a brutal war and suddenly everyone is speaking in hushed tones about the tragedies in Paris. Yes, of course it’s a tragedy, yes it’s a horrible thing to happen, but the hyperbole expressed by onlookers is a bit much. What do you think the people of Syria have been going through on a daily basis, where just saying the wrong thing could get you killed?

Imagine trying to go shopping when at any moment gunfire breaking across the market, or attending school where walking to English class might get you shot, or if you’re a woman, being in the wrong place in the wrong time might get you brutally raped, and you’re just trying to live your daily life. Imagine if you make that decision to leave the country that you love, have to make your way to Turkey in order to make a dangerous crossing across the ocean in a rickety boat, and pay $1000 for the privilege. Imagine finally getting to Europe and finding out that you’re not welcome, the country doesn’t want you because it thinks you’re a terrorist, and even if you’re processed (lovely terminology that) it won’t be until 2020. Then you have no way to support your family, you can’t work because you’re in a ‘transitive period’, and have to accept charity because otherwise your children will starve. Even then, after everything you’ve gone through, you’re not accepted because your culture and religion are different.

If the Paris attacks mean anything to you, if you’ve changed your Facebook photo to the French flag, then do something about it and help stop the terrorism by sharing this post. Don’t let this go, don’t forget in a week’s time when everyone forgets and all the politicians have let this slide, because unless pressure is brought to bear, that’s exactly what will happen. Don’t except the treatment of the refugees in Europe, because it’s inhuman and not acceptable. If our country was attacked and we were forced to flee, would we expect another country to accept us? Of course we would, and there would be outrage if we were treated with the contempt that the refugees in Europe have been.

All I ask you to do is think, really think about the entire situation. In that spirit, I’m going to change my Facebook photo, my Gravatar, and my Twitter photo to the flag of Syria for a month, until 17th of December, to show that I am recognising the hell these people are going through, that I am recognising that Muslims all round the world are suffering, that this year over 750, 000 people have been forced to flee from their homes. I ask that you do the same, even if it’s for an hour. Stop thinking this is a French problem because this involves the world. Stop the ignorance.

Please click here to donate to UNICEF.



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