Me: A Short Essay

Hardly ever serious, generally sarcastic, wildly opinionated and full of useless bits of information that I’ve absorbed like a sponge I’m known as a bit of a smart alec. I really enjoy a good chat, especially if it’s a decent argument about Life, the Universe & Everything. I love sharing intelligent posts with a bit of a kick to them that make me sit up and take notice. If that doesn’t put you off I’ve survived Type1 Diabetes for nearly 3 decades so I insist on being a bit of an expert on that but I’m trying to use my powers for good not evil. I’ve moved around the eastern coast of Australia all my life, including 3 states, 24 houses & boarding school! I’m exhausted thinking about it. Also had to swap schools with every move so I’ve collected a few of them as well. Surely that’s enough about me for now isn’t it?

Please complain to Emily at

I can’t vouch for her reply but she’ll most likely listen and take it under consideration as long as you say something nice and extremely flattering and don’t actually mention anything negative as she can be a sensitive little flower at times. I honestly don’t know why I put up with her!




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