I started this site in September 2015 after many years of wanting to do so, and putting it off for one reason or another. I finally was motivated by the realisation of certain truths, that I am a type 1 diabetic (been in denial for decades!), that I have way too much time on my hands (needed a hobby) and have many memories that I feel the need to record (important to me, extremely tiring to you)… hey, come back! If you’re not happy with that I’m also going to write about the funny things in my life as I see humour to be an extremely important coping tool… oh dear I’ve lost you again. Lastly I’m also going to record my experiences with going back to university to re-attempt my Ba in Psychological Science so that should prove interesting at the very least (I had my leg amputated below the knee, so I left Uni to recover)… Anyway, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry and share a few stories… how can I go wrong with that? So while you’re here, you should take a look at some of my previous posts which are on the sidebar to the left of the page. Do I have space for a quick plug? You must have a look at the website that my alternate ego runs, ‘The Cyberhug Awards’ where you can nominate people for a very special hug through cyberspace from you. That site is a bit flashy and vulgar (see the flashing logo at your left), but ‘Cyberhug Emily’ has her heart in the right place. Anything else while I’m at it? How about some soothing music, or a cup of tea perhaps? Of course, but only if I may join you.


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