It’s the Muslims Who Suffer


There’s a sombre mood in Paris at the moment, where it’s a time to reflect on the deliberate and calculated murders that occurred there on Friday night. We won’t know the full death toll for a while as there are many people who are critically injured, so the eventual number of the dead is guaranteed to rise. It’s an awful situation that has seen reactions from around the world, with most countries showing their solidarity by flying the French flag in tribute and defiance. The ‘Islamic State’ has claimed responsibility for the blatant attacks on innocent concert goers, restaurant patrons and those just out for a good time at the football.

Are any of us who have been watching the unfolding events really surprised that these Islamic extremists have finally struck at the western world? This has been their agenda all along, to strike at the godless heathens in the west. They planned these attacks with care and precision, so their cause would be spread across the world, and the consequence is that the violence has landed in our backyard. Suddenly, the Death Cult has re-entered our minds, with politicians promising action and re-examining the role of their part in stopping any further carnage, but is it all just a little too late? Up until now, the war in Syria has been acceptable in our minds. People have lost their lives on a daily basis in Syria for years, been tortured and raped, and so far it has been acceptable because it hasn’t happened to us. People have been forced to flee their homes with their families, across the seas to face hostile countries who refuse to take them in on compassionate grounds, and it has been acceptable.

How has the situation changed? Short answer is that hasn’t, except for the location of the attacks nothing has changed. We still have the same evil to fight, the same people are controlling those who are blinded enough to accept this extremist view of the Muslim religion, but they have perverted it beyond recognition for their own purposes. The war in Syria will go on, people will continue to be killed and have to flee their homes, but this latest development has suddenly forced the issue of terrorist acts being committed in Europe to the forefront of everyone’s mind. I wonder, now that the latest victims of the Islamic State’s attacks are mostly white Parisians, will that force the west to consider that these radicals aren’t going to leave, or give up their cause, and we will at some point have to deal with them?

While you’re praying for the 129 (so far) people who died on Friday through no fault of their own except that they were enjoying an evening out, will you pray for the many Muslims who have died as well? Will you understand that this is what they have been facing for years? The Muslim faith is being perverted, and the west believes that every Muslim is at heart a desperate criminal who will stop at nothing to help the Death Cult and kill every westerner they can. There are calls for even more rules in regards to refugee status, because there was the discovery of one of the terrorists having that status, and travelling all the way across the ocean just to die at his own hand for glory and martyrdom. What are the chances of a refugee from war torn lands just happens to be a radicalised Muslim? Probably about the same as a Christian who travels to Jerusalem in the Middle Ages and murders those who have a different faith, and do it all in the name of God.

There are so many issues that we must face in regards to the atrocities that are happening around the world, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I can recognise the fears that are controlling the reluctance to help our fellow man by taking in the refugees from Syria and its surrounding regions, and the reluctance to accept our part in a world that has just woken up to the fact that tragedies can happen anywhere. Europe now has to realise that they may be facing a situation in which the victims are their own countrymen and women. Western leaders have stood by, content with watching the horrors committed by extremist groups because they don’t consider this to be a world-wide problem, and that in itself becomes a problem when millions of people need our help to survive. All the refugees want to do is build a new life in a completely foreign country, and have the opportunity to practice their own customs, but it’s a daunting prospect when our views about them have been tainted with Christian based propaganda. This has been spouted by those who don’t seem to understand that the vast majority of Muslims are shocked and bewildered at the behaviour of these radicalised groups who are using religion for their own ends.  This is not just a problem restricted to Syria, this a global problem, and we must have compassion and respect. When human beings in another part of the world suffer, then it trickles through across the globe and we all suffer in one way or another.

I’d like to take a moment to remember the lives lost of every human being who has suffered at the hands of the terrorists.

18 thoughts on “It’s the Muslims Who Suffer

    1. Obviously you’d be thinking the exact same way about this, for it came across in your post. I really enjoyed your post and the way you wrote it, because it came from the heart and at least you’ve thought about it and had the presence of mind to write about it rather than go along with everyone else and act like this has all been just one big surprise.

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  1. Emily, as always, fantastic. You write so beautifully and I just think the way you manage to put every single thought you have into writing is amazing.

    All the best

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    1. Thanks so much Henry , you’re always so appreciative about what I write, and I value your opinion. You wrote about the initial situation, and I just expanded on your post. I think we’ve managed to cover a fair amount on this subject, although I know there’s a lot more to come.

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      1. You’re welcome. Indeed there is more to come, and as more news of the victims and their attackers comes in, there will certainly be more writing to do!

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  2. Emily, you are wrong about the muslim faith. The root of the problem is the muslim religion versus Christianity. That is what is really going on; I wish you had more compassion for the Christians that are being slaughtered. We have a religious war. Muhammed was evil. He used and killed people for his own convenience. There are no “good muslims” that is an oxymoron and you cannot separate them into radical muslims versus good muslims – all muslims are radicals at heart if they believe their Quran. After 9/11, I watched on TV in disbelief as muslim students studying in America cheered as they heard about the attacks. Over a 100 year period of Islamic conquests here are some statistics: About 60 million Christians slaughtered; 50 million Hindus; 10 million Buddhists; 125 million African people. I have heard testimonies of muslims who converted to Christianity admitting they were sent to America to infiltrate in order to carry out Jihad. If we make room for our enemy, the muslims, we will reap the harvest already started of establishing muslim only neighborhoods, mosques, sharia law (Who in God’s name would want that!) and we will become a muslim country. Allah, made up of 3 pagan gods including the sun god, versus the true God, the God of the bible.

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    1. As a Christian, I believe in the one true God of the Bible, but so do Muslims. They even believe, contrary to popular belief, in Jesus Christ. I think there are a lot of myths and propaganda concerning the Muslim faith, it does not promote violence against women or anyone else. I think you’re getting religion mixed up with the state. The students you saw were likely egged on by their parents, who may believe, as I said, in an Islamic State, and therefore the destruction of Christianity because they’ve had propaganda shoved down their throats as well. I may also remind you that the God of the Bible has ‘used’ those of the Faith to carry out His tasks. Please don’t make me argue against my God and my Faith, but I will make an argument about how Muslims worship if you represent the wrong people. Of course I have compassion, for all those who have been persecuted by religion, which is a man-made concept and not of the Bible at all. What’s the point of a religious war, when it’s so much better to worship Him in your own house, and leave the rest up to God. Don’t you trust His judgement? The Islamic Faith is valid to Muslims, they are human beings with everyday hopes and feelings, and to deny them you deny yourself as a human being who deserves compassion. I urge you to research the islamic Faith, and check your facts before you comment.

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    2. There are extreme views for everything, including how you see Muslims.

      Muslims are people like you and I, but with a very strong culture that has a strong base in religion. Notice that those are two separate things.
      Their religion DOES NOT commend killing and terror. Their culture DOES NOT commend killing and terror.
      What it does teach is obedience.
      And like many other people in the world that have been sucked into extremist ideas and views, some Muslims (AND MANY PEOPLE RECRUITED FROM WESTERN COUNTRIES) fall in. But mostly, HUMANS FALL FOR THEIR LOVE FOR POWER.
      Religion and culture are just a façade for their agenda and goals. They are not typical Muslims. Typical Muslims lead a lifestyle of peace.

      I am Christian and my church has lost many missionaries in places where Christians are persecuted. I do feel what you feel!
      But in the present days, you can’t put all Muslims in a box labeled “terrorists,” just like you can’t put all Christians in a box labeled “holy.”
      There are branches of every religion, and it’s not fair to any of those believers to label even one of them.

      More than anything, I am sad that this post would bring out a negative view.

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      1. I think ignorance causes most problems in the world, and ignorance about religions and faith is rife everywhere. There are people who just perversely go around life with their noses to the ground, never able to see what’s so obvious to the rest of us. Thank you for adding your views about this, especially as a Christian, even though we know many Christians have died at the hands of the so-called infidels (perfect example of a propaganda-engendered name there), we know it’s certainly not the average Muslim that’s doing it, it’s the boys holding the reins that are controlling this by any means necessary. I believe that it’s the devil that’s behind this, for doesn’t he just love to take something pure and twist it in the hearts of men to pervert the will of God? There are going to be people who are going to believe what they want to believe about every nationality, race, creed, but I agree, it’s very sad that it elicited such a negative response from that person, but I know I’m right about this and I won’t budge. Thank you very much for your opinion, as it’s nice to have some backup.

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  3. I am a muslim and I am not a terrorist.My life is simple ,revolving around my kids and family. I am afraid of terrorists ,who are killing us and I am also scared of the world ,at large, because they are labelling us as terrorists.Thanks Emily …..all we need is the understanding and insight of the world and people with rational thoughts are our only hope.Every muslim is not and can not be a terrorist.

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    1. Of course you’re not all terrorists, any more than all white Europeans are all NeoNazis. Unfortunately here in Australia at the moment we are facing the challenge of deciding how many Muslims we are going to let into this country and to date, it has only been 12, 000 which I think is shameful. It is facing a lot of opposition from people who can’t possibly conceive of the situation in Syria, and consequently can’t put themselves into the shoes of their fellow man and have some compassion which is terribly sad. I will continue to try and educate, and if only one person listens thst will make the effort worth while.

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